Version 4.3.1 09/07/09

  • Snow Leopard compatibility
  • Improved sorting
  • Command S now saves new tasks
  • Bug fix: Priority default on the new item sheet

Version 4.3.0 06/03/09

  • Added Tooltips
  • Added URL links
  • Added Natural Language for priority
  • Added the ability to print and email selected items
  • Priority labels changed to Low, Medium, High
  • Bug fix: Shift click, command click and ctrl click

Version 4.2.2 06/10/08

  • Added a “Last Day of the Month” schedule option
  • Added an enable or disable option for the “phone home” version check
  • Procrastinated tasks without a due date are set to the current day
  • Command Click and Shift Click now behave the same

Version 4.2.1 05/18/08

  • New Platinum theme added
  • Bug fix: backspace key in new task dialog

Version 4.2.0 03/22/08

  • Multiple task selection
  • Procrastination function
  • Added email tool button
  • Added delete tool button
  • Fixed issues with the Safari/Webkit 3.1 update
  • New theme added

Version 4.0.1 12/26/07

  • Bug fix: Fixed failure to load after calendar is deleted
  • Bug fix: Fixed “Every Day” scheduled tasks
  • Bug fix: Fixed notification bug between widgets

Version 4.0.0 12/02/07

  • Leopard compatibility
  • Switched from Sync Services to the Calendar Store framework

Version 3.1.1 12/02/07

  • Small UI changes to match version 4

Version 3.1.0 11/30/07

  • Improved version check
  • Bug fix: Fixed occasional double calendar import during sync
  • Bug fix: Fixed crash if calendar’s source folder is missing
  • Bug fix: Fixed inaccurate completed dates on slow sync

Version 3.0.2 10/29/07

  • Tiger check

Version 3.0.1 09/23/07

  • Bug fix: Memory leak

Version 3.0 09/04/07

  • Sync improved
  • iCal groups removed
  • Added an option for a more detailed new task dialog
  • Item detail dialog resizes with widget
  • Monthly scheduling option
  • New theme added

Version 2.5.1 04/26/07

  • Added sorting by calendar or list
  • Bug fix: Scheduling conflict with multiple widgets
  • Bug fix: Due date wrapping in the Apple theme
  • Bug fix: Encoding in the edit dialog and print copy
  • Bug fix: Delete and backspace key on the new cluster sheet
  • Bug fix: Some old tasks not showing up as completed

Version 2.5 02/05/07

  • Resizable
  • Native task lists
  • Native groups
  • Task clusters
  • Task scheduling
  • Natural language for due dates
  • Added a “Today” choice to the future options
  • Supports international date formatting (uses system locale)
  • Added a drop down calendar for setting a specific due date
  • Calendars can be hidden from select lists
  • Removed tool tips from the todo list
  • Cmd-E emails todo list
  • Cmd-F shows dates outside of the future window
  • Cmd-D shows/hides due date and priority
  • Print copy now includes the due date
  • Lower cpu load when dashboard is activated
  • New Duke theme
  • Limited the use of transparency which keeps the widget more responsive
  • Notifications are now threaded for smoother performance
  • Plug-in optimized
  • Bug fix: Task titles are escaped correctly
  • Bug fix: Due dates no longer dropped when moving tasks between calendars
  • Bug fix: Left and right arrow keys now operate normally when editing a task

Version 2.4 09/21/06

  • iCal groups supported
  • Added the option to hide tasks with due dates in the future
  • Sorting improved
  • Added a print button to the front of the widget
  • Tasks are deleted by command clicking
  • New edit and delete dialog sheets
  • Basic URL support added
  • Tasks can now be moved across calendars
  • Keyboard shortcut behavior is more consistent
  • Notifications between widgets handled more efficiently
  • Preference system improved
  • Printed pages are now titled with the list’s name instead of the generic “To-Do List”
  • New wide theme that matches the size of Apple’s calendar widget
  • Bugfix: Fixed an error in the page and task counts
  • Various speed and memory optimizations

Version 2.3 01/24/06

  • New skin added
  • Select menu behavior changed
  • Subscribed calendars are now viewable
  • Bugfix: Note box no longer retains the contents of a previously viewed task
  • Minor visual enhancements

Version 2.2 12/09/05

  • Universal Binary
  • Command-Clicking on each priority indicator steps up through the priority levels
  • Inactive lists are now refreshed every 12 hours
  • Automatically checks website for updates
  • Bugfix: Tasks that are created in iCal by dragging event items from the calendar view onto the todo column are now parsed correctly
  • Bugfix: The task edit box now saves on loss of focus
  • Bugfix: When set to all calendars, notifications are processed correctly
  • Bugfix: Individual widget preferences are deleted whenever a widget is removed from the Dashboard

Version 2.1 08/15/05

  • Printing added
  • Added notifications: changes in one widget are instantly updated in other open widgets
  • Widgets remember their style settings
  • Bugfix: Notes are saved correctly when text is pasted.

Version 2.0 08/01/05

  • Task titles are now editable
  • Automatically flips to the correct page and highlights an item after it has been edited
  • Arrow keys can now be used to turn the pages
  • Added mouseover tooltips
  • Added option to hide all completed tasks
  • Added a couple of new styles/skins
  • Individual widgets now remember their assigned calendars across log-outs and restarts
  • Tasks created or edited in the widget now show up in .Mac and other iSync devices
  • Bugfix: correctly reads due dates set with a Palm device
  • Bugfix: The completed days option now works correctly
  • Bugfix: Properly reads the assigned colors of calendars inside of an iCal group

Version 1.6 07/07/05

  • Bugfix: summary parse error if task has an alarm
  • Bugfix: dropping of some due dates
  • Added a new item button
  • Added more due date options
  • Added user options for interacting with iCal
  • Minor visual enhancements

Version 1.5 06/16/05

  • Moved out of beta

Version 1.4b 06/12/05

  • Almost usable

Version 1.3b 06/07/05

  • Still fixing

Version 1.2b 06/04/05

  • More bugs

Version 1.1b 06/02/05

  • What a mess

Version 1.0b 05/31/05

  • First release