If you are using Safari, after download, DoBeDo will automatically be placed in your widget bar. If you are using another browser, you will need to place the expanded archive into the Library/Widgets folder of your home directory. Drag DoBeDo from the widget bar onto the Dashboard.

DoBeDo version 4 works with Mac OS X Lion & Leopard.


Selecting a Calendar

Calendars are selected by clicking on the calendar’s title. The calendars are listed first in alphabetical order, followed by any groups you have defined in DoBeDo. Each item’s priority indicator and checkbox will match the calendar’s colors.

Selecting Tasks

Single click on the task title. Hold down the shift key to select more than one task.


Adding Tasks

There are a number of ways to add a task in DoBeDo.

  • Double-click empty space anywhere on the page.
  • Press Apple-N or Apple-K.
  • Click the new item button (plus symbol).

If the current selected calendar happens to be a group, you will need to select which calendar you want the new task to be added to. Type the text of your task into the edit box and when you are finished, click the Accept button or press the return key.

Selecting Favorites

Click the second plus icon, which will drop down your list of favorites. Double click on the favorite you want to add.


The procrastination function will add one day to the due date. First select the task or tasks you want to change, then click the procrastination button in the toolbar. Tasks without a due date will be set due on the current day.


Sends the entire list, or the currently selected items, to the specified email. The output style is basic text for viewing on mobile devices.


Press Apple-P or click the print button to print the entire task list or the selected items. The list’s sorting and calendar will be identical to the onscreen widget’s. By default, the printout will open up as a PDF in the preview application. You can also have the page sent directly to a specific printer by selecting it in the “Printer” option located on the flip side of the widget.

Deleting Tasks

Select the task or tasks first, then click the delete button in the toolbar.

Completing or Un-completing Tasks

Single click a task’s checkbox.

Editing Tasks

From the task list you can quickly change a task’s priority or due date. For the priority, click on the indicator icon, and a option list will appear. As a shortcut, holding down the Apple key while clicking the indicator will increase the priority by one level. To change the due date, click on the due date to the left of the priority level, and select a date from the popup calendar.
Double clicking directly on an task’s text will drop down an edit sheet. From this sheet you can move the task to another calendar, or edit the task’s title, due date, priority, url and note.

Options and Preferences

The following options can be set on the reverse side of the widget.

Manage Option


Lists all of your system’s calendars along with any DoBeDo lists. Click the plus or minus button to add or delete DoBeDo lists. DoBeDo lists will not sync with the rest of your system (iCal or Mail).
You can not add, edit or delete system calendars from DoBeDo. Double clicking will bring up more information about the selected calendar or list. The visible option allows you to hide calendars or lists from view. Their tasks will still be visible in groups, but they will not show up in any of DoBeDo’s select boxes.


You can add a new DoBeDo group by clicking the plus icon. Add calendars or lists to the group by dragging the from the left box and dropping in the right. To remove a calendar from the group drag it back from the right to the left. Groups may contain a mixture of system calendars and DoBeDo lists. Deleting a DoBeDo group will not delete its enclosed calendars or tasks.


Favorites are tasks that you do all the time. Each favorite can consist of a single task or many different tasks assigned to any of the calendars. Example: you could create a “wash clothes” favorite that contained the tasks “Wash clothes”, “Dry clothes” and “Fold clothes”. Click the plus icon to create a new favorite. First give the favorite a name, then add each task to the by clicking the plus icon located to the right of the task box. If you make a mistake, or want to remove a task, select it in the list and press the delete key.


Schedules are tasks that run at a defined time and repeat indefinitely. They will not fill up you calendar like repeating iCal events. They are added one at a time on the scheduled date. Both favorites and schedule tasks can contain natural language due dates.

Sort Option

Tasks can be sorted by task, priority, due date or list. If priority is selected, tasks are sorted first by priority, then sub-sorted by due date, and finally sub-sorted again alphabetically. If due date is selected, sorting is date->priority->task. Sorting by list is list->date->task.

Completed Option

Sets the number of days a completed item is displayed.

Future Option

Sets the number of days in the future to show due tasks. For example – say you have a task due in a month and you set the future option to 7 days, the task will remain hidden until a week before it comes due. The “Today” and “1 Day” options behave differently. “1 Day” will show tasks past-due or due within the next 24 hours along with any tasks that do not have a due date, “Today” will only show tasks past-due or due through the current calendar date.

Style Option

Selects the widget’s skin.

Printer Option

Sets the printer.

New Dialog Option

When entering a new item, this picks between a basic sheet, which contains only the task and list, or a detailed sheet which has the task, due date, priority, url and note.

Natural Language

Enables or disables the natural language processing of due dates. This only applies to new tasks, it is always turned off while editing an existing task.

For setting due dates, understandable strings include dates (“03/15”, “March 15th”), or days of the week (“monday”, “tuesday”, “next friday” …) or (“today”, “td”, “tomorrow”, “tm”). It is case insensitive, English only, and you must include the word “due”.

For the priority, use the exclamation point (! = Low, !! = Medium, !!! = High). You must include a space before the exclamation points. Example: “Sample Task!” will NOT set the priority, but “Sample Task !” will set the priority to low.

Show URL Links

Enables or disables an item’s URL link. The link’s icon is a small double sided arrow that appears before each task. Clicking on them will open the URL in either the web browser or Apple Mail.

Show Tooltips

Enables or disables an item’s tooltip. These are little floating windows that display the task and note when the mouse is rolled over them.


DoBeDo doesn’t scroll, but instead uses multiple pages to display items. Clicking on the bottom right corner pages forward, while clicking on the bottom left corner flips backwards. Clicking the page indicator (e.g. “3 of 4”) jumps to the first page.

Key Shortcuts:

  • Apple-A: Select All.
  • Apple-D: Toggles display of the due date and priority.
  • Apple-E: Email.
  • Apple-F: Opens and closes the future window.
  • Apple-K: New task.
  • Apple-N: New task.
  • Apple-P: Prints the current to-do list.
  • Apple-S: Saves new task.