How Pixar Has Dominated Animated Movies

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Animated movies are most often geared toward a juvenile audience, but that doesn’t mean that older audiences can’t gain something or the other from them. In fact, if you look at a studio like Pixar at any given point in time, you would notice that they make movies that have something to offer to both adults as well as children in some way, shape or form. Pixar has ended up dominating animated movies, and it has actually done so for several decades now.

A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that it manages to get big headlines on animation world news due to the big name stars that it hires to fulfill its roles. Actors as prominent as Tom Hanks have been featured in multiple Pixar films, and as of late it has started to diversify its characters so that it can start targeting stories that come from other cultures as well. More than anything else it is the fact that Pixar manages to put so much effort into its movies through a highly artistic directorial process that manages to set its films apart from the last.

However, perhaps the most significant contributor to Pixar’s dominance of the animated movie industry is the fact that it has a proprietary animation software that most people really don’t know all that much about. That means that whenever you see a movie that has been directed by this studio, you are basically witnessing something that very few people know how to make and that is what makes Pixar such a unique studio that keeps making amazing movies every single year all in all.

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