What is Rewicking of Carpet Cleaning

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When you put so much effort into cleaning your carpet, you would reasonably be expecting it to look spotless by the time you are done. However, the reality is that carpets can often develop stains that persist even after you use the very best carpet cleaning methods that have been invented so far. This usually means that you made a mistake somewhere along the way, so retracting your steps can help you to figure out how you can avoid such errors in the future without a shadow of a doubt.

As a result of the fact that this is the case, let us tell you about something called rewicking. Wicking is when you notice stains recur after carpet cleaning Chandler, and it basically means that you didn’t rinse out the residue of your carpet cleaning shampoo efficiently enough. It might also be caused by dirt that rises to the surface of your rug due to capillary action, so you just need to give it another thorough cleaning so that the remainder of this dirt can be banished once and for all.

Rewicking is when you tackle a wicking problem by recognizing its root cause. Carpet stains are a lot more than just a surface layer of dirt. They often have quite a bit of dirt that is invisible but still ever present, and the natural motion of these fibers will inevitably push interior dirt upwards if the tips of these fibers are clean. Being really efficient while cleaning your carpet can help you to avoid having to worry about rewicking, so you should take care to do things right or hire a professional if you are not up to it.

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