What Pressure is Good For Washing a Rusty Car Frame

diy pressure washing skid

Cars need to be given a lot of care and attention, otherwise it won’t be long before they start to fall into a state of disrepair. Most vehicles that are made by large scale manufacturers are coated with a rust proof film that makes it so that oxygen is not able to reach the metal and cause it to break apart into dust. However, over time this coating is going to dissipate, thereby making it necessary to figure out ways to clean it without making the problem a whole lot worse than it already is.

One thing that can become rather complicated if your car’s paint job has gotten worn away making it more prone to rust is pressure washing The Woodlands due to the reason that you need to be more careful about the water that will touch the car in question. Even the tiniest bit of water can spark a chain reaction that would reduce the car to rubble before your very eyes, so it helps to know how to do this right to avoid such damage in the long run.

The best way to pressure wash your car safely is to reduce the total force that the water is coming out with. A PSI of 1,000 is the most effective pressure setting for a rusty car because it is not powerful enough to cause any breakage. Usually you would want to take the pressure to 2,000 PSI, but this just isn’t feasible for a car that has already gotten a lot of oxidation due to the deterioration of its paint and rust proof coating, so you should use this method when possible.

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